Legal Assistants of the Western Slope (LAWS) was formed as a nonprofit corporation in 1995.  LAWS was accepted into the National Association of Legal Assistants’ (NALA) affiliated associations program on October 5, 1996, the same date as LAWS’ first meeting, which was held in Durango, Colorado.  The formation of LAWS was the result of the efforts of a few paralegals from Grand Junction, Montrose and Durango who wanted a NALA affiliated paralegal association to provide continuing education and networking opportunities.  The original goals of LAWS, as stated in the LAWS’ newsletter from the spring of 1997, are consistent with our goals today:


            · To provide local access to continuing education.


            · To encourage a high order of ethical and              

              professional attainment.


            · To promote the legal assistant profession.


            · To inform and educate the public and legal community about the                    effective utilization of legal assistants.


Effective networking one paralegal at a time... 

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